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Welcome to the Sideline Sisters blog, where we share essential tips, tricks, and tools we’ve found for growing a successful Network Marketing business.

A little reminder for all of us today…

How often do you take time to celebrate your achievements? I know we often feel proud of ourselves when we’ve hit an income goal or the next level of management, when we have a new person join our team, or when we’re invited to be a trainer at one of our company or team events. We pop the bubbly, announce it to the world, and generally just feel really dang good about ourselves. And these are great achievements, worthy of being celebrated for sure! But those “big” events are not what make up most of our time spent in our businesses, are they?

The vast majority of our time is actually spent in day-to-day activities–like making phone calls or sending texts, writing thank you notes, preparing to make product presentations and the like. And often while we are working in these little ways on our business, we forget how important it is to celebrate those little things.

For example, let’s say you’ve been afraid of public speaking in the past, but in order to sell your product or service you have to put yourself in front of people–upwards of 50 or more people per month! And you find the courage to practice and do it, because you’re driven by your goals. THIS IS WORTH CELEBRATING.

Perhaps there’s a person you’ve been dying to ask to join your business, but you’ve been chickening out about it for months.  One day, something clicks in your heart and you find you have the strength to put yourself out there; to be vulnerable. Whether they say yes or no, THIS IS WORTH CELEBRATING.

Maybe you’ve been passionate about the fact that your product changes lives–and a client, out of the blue, let’s you know just how much she appreciates that you introduced her to it. THIS IS WORTH CELEBRATING.

I’m sure you can imagine a dozen more scenarios in which we can celebrate our everyday, in-the-course-of -business accomplishments. And it’s important to do so–because if we can’t find the joy in the journey, we may not find it in us to stick it out to our ultimate destinations!

I invite you today to make a list of at least 10 “little things” going on in your business and life that you can celebrate. Then pop the bubbly, tell your best business buddies (or comment below! we’d love to celebrate with you!), and feel REALLY dang good about yourself.



Welcome to the Sideline Sisters blog, where we share essential tips, tricks, and tools we’ve found for growing a successful Network Marketing business.

When you make the decision to become a Network Marketing Professional there is a “something” deep down inside of you that drives you to this field.  This “something” is sometimes very hard to convey to others.  It’s even harder to convey to yourself!  This “something” is often a constant nagging feeling deep in the core of your being that causes you to sit up and take notice, to believe that there is something out there that can help you be…better.  This “something” is your WHY!

When you reflect and truly figure out what your WHY is, it’s at that point that you can really start to market and share your business.  Simon Sinek wrote the book, “Start with Why,” and has done TED talks and YouTube videos about this subject.  You see, when you can truly determine why you are doing what you are doing and you can tell this story in a succinct and emotional way, you captivate your audience.  Your clients buy your why and then buy your product.  They want to help you; they have millions of options bombarding them every single day – when they can connect with you and your product, you’ve helped make their choice.

So how do you determine your Why?  Think of your why as an onion.  There are many layers to the onion and as you peel off the outside layer you get deeper into its core.  This is just like your why.  You have a superficial outside layer, but as you peel that layer back you start to find a deeper meaning that relates to that outer layer.  Let me give you an example from my own experience of why I joined a Network Marketing company:

Layer 1 – Make extra money each month (so that I can…)
Layer 2 – Pay off debt faster (so that I can…)
Layer 3 – Have extra money to see family more (so that I can…)
Layer 4 – Not miss time with loved ones or miss seeing my nephew grow up

Each person’s why will have a different amount of layers.  Some will have more than mine and some will have less.  Once you determine that inner layer, that ultimate why, you need to find a way to narrate your why.  This narration needs to be short, connecting and emotional.  You need to tell a story.  And it’s this story that will allow you to better market your business.    Here’s my story:

Six years ago my wonderful and amazing nephew was born.  He quickly became the light of my life and I lived for the photos and videos my sister would send me of him walking, taking swim lesson, playing basketball and telling jokes.  He lives three states away and because of my debt and financial obligations I am unable to travel to see him as often as I would like.  It wasn’t very long ago that my sister called me, half joking, asking if I could come over there for a few days and watch him because she couldn’t find a backup babysitter.  I had an instant sinking feeling in my stomach.  I wanted nothing more than to tell her I was on my way.  But I couldn’t.  Not now anyway.  Soon!  I am quickly paying off debt and creating an abundant life that will allow me to see my loved ones as often as I would like.  This is why I do network marketing. 

Could you picture this struggle?  Could you connect with me in some way?  I hope you could.  Now go create your why, narrate your vision and start telling your clients why you are here!



Welcome to the Sideline Sisters blog, where we share essential tips, tricks, and tools we’ve found for growing a successful Network Marketing business.

I’m noting a small irony in writing on the topic of Work-Life Balance today, because to be honest, I’ve been super out of balance for the last three weeks. In fact, this blog post is 3 days late (and counting).  You see, I’m a WAHM (work-at-home-mom), and my eldest just finished Kindergarten. This means that now instead of one little person at home distracting me, I have two—one of whom refuses to take an afternoon nap. There goes my ‘work time’! And now for three weeks, rather than putting in a solid 3-4 hours per day into Sideline Sisters, it’s been a lot closer to 3-4 hours per week. And of course, this isn’t sustainable.

There’s something about being your own boss that is really freeing—any of you who have been able to replace your “full-time income” with your network marketing business, or any of you who dream of that day—know what I’m talking about. No more alarm clocks, no more bosses, total freedom of time and task. But those same freedoms come with some hefty responsibilities to be our OWN alarm clock and boss. And if we don’t do this? Our business flounders.

Here I am heading into a full month of having both kids home with me, and I realize it’s time to buckle down—and do the opposite of what used to happen in my life. It’s time to make sure that I’m making time for my business, that I’m balancing my family obligations with my responsibilities to this company we are building (by “we” I refer to myself and my partner Stephanie). As such, I’m going to return to the basics.

Wikipedia defines Worklife balance as a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation).  There are dozens of ways to try to strike the work-life balance, but today I’m going to remind myself of my favorite tactic for achieving balance—time blocking.

If you feel like you’re also having a tough time prioritizing and balancing your life, I want you to do something. I’m going to do this along with you—grab a pen and piece of paper really quick. I want you to go over to this blog post (by the lovely Stephanie), and follow her steps.  All of it is valuable, but for my purposes I at least need to revisit Steps 1 and 2—and I recommend you do the same. I’m betting by tomorrow I’ll have renewed  senses of purpose and priorities, and won’t have to look down at my to-do list next week and panic that I’m overdue on an important project. *cough cough*

Once you’re done, would love to hear your results! Leave us a comment or hit us up at!