June 22, 2016


To create a space where entrepreneurs can organize life and work, overcome chaos, be successful, and give back to their communities.

Our Vision: To be a catalyst for personal growth, success, and generosity everywhere.


Heather hails from Montana, and has earned degrees in Communication Studies and Psychology from the University of Montana, bringing a unique perspective and understanding of human behavior and motivations to all of their workshops. She has over 15 years of experience in business administrative roles, entrepreneurship, and leadership–much of her professional life has been in assisting, training, and leading others to being more organized and efficient in achieving objectives. She is married with two children, two cats, a dog, 16 chickens, and a garden that feels like another child most of the year.


Stephanie is also a Montana native with a Bachelors degree in Athletic Training and a Masters in Kinesiology and Health.  She has 9 years of managing the health care of collegiate athletes.  After transitioning out of sports medicine, Stephanie pursued work with local non-profit organizations where she helped lead volunteers to huge fundraising goals and oversaw the creation of many fundraising events.  In addition to owning her own small business, Stephanie’s experience over the years has taught her many effective ways to prioritize, set goals and stay organized.  She has a husband and a dog, loves baseball and crochet.  She is excited to share her experience and tools with those looking for a way to positively influence their families and communities.




Check out this interview we did with the awesome Brady Potts over at Cornerstone Property Management. In this interview, we talk all about our past endeavors and what brought us to our passion work today.

Sideline Sisters was started while we were camping under the great Montana sky. It’s true! Relaxing next to the fire, we talked about about a better way to organize our own businesses. From that conversation, the idea of Sideline Sisters was born! We are excited to be creating another option to help others succeed in organizing their lives, grow their business, and impact their community.

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