June 19, 2016

We Feel Your Pain

So you’ve started a network marketing business. You are making sales, learning how to bring on new team members, and all of the other important pieces of learning to engage and succeed in this kind of business.  But in the back of your head you hear a voice, “You don’t have a business degree. You don’t even know how to manage your calendar. What about your finances–is anyone telling you how to make sure you’re tracking your business income and expenses correctly?”

If this voice and these doubts are hanging out in the back of your mind, you are in the RIGHT PLACE! We are here to make sure you don’t give up on your dreams just because you don’t know how to “do it right”.

Here at Sideline Sisters, we understand how it can feel to start your network marketing business when you have no actual background in business. It can be awkward, even painful, and lead to long term delays and mistakes that make doing business feel painful instead of joyful and exciting.

We hope that our free tools here will help you get on the right track to managing the “paper” part of your business, streamline it so that it almost takes care of itself, and makes sure you’re getting the most out of every minute you spend on building your empire.