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In April 2017 Christy Wright released her new book Business Boutique: A Woman’s Guide for Making Money Doing What She Loves. Christy is a Dave Ramsey personality, and as loyal Dave Ramsey fans we were extremely excited to get our hands on a step by step guide for women starting a business.  We had high hopes for this book and it exceeded those hopes.  (Go here for more info on Dave Ramsey. He changed our lives.)

When we started out on this beautiful journey called Sideline Sisters we had a pretty good idea of the steps we needed to take, but also had the understanding that we didn’t know everything.  So when we could pre-order the book we did so without hesitation and counted down the days for it to arrive.  We took the next two weeks to read the book and answer as many of the questions as possible before coming together for a full day of exploration, planning and dreaming.

The way this book is laid out makes it easy to take in what is being said and then turn around and put it into action using the action plans and questions at the end of each chapter.  We had already developed our mission statement, vision and goals, we had an idea of our target audience but added on more as we read, and we knew we needed to have a business account, but didn’t know that there was a right and wrong way to run it (just to name a few).  I think that the most interesting part was the financial section, finding out exactly what to do with the income coming in and what to set aside for taxes and savings.

So, as a network marketing professional, why should you read this?  What will this do for you?  Unless you have a business degree you have probably never been taught how to properly, lawfully and successfully run your business.  You have most likely been taught the policies of your company, the best way to make sales and how to talk to customers.  But, has anyone really sat down with you and asked…what’s your mission?  Why are you doing this?  Who is your ideal client?  What marketing avenues are you going to use and what’s the best way to get your name out there?  Do you have a business bank account set up and do you know what you need to set aside of taxes?  No, these topics probably haven’t been addressed in detail…well…that’s what this book is going to do for you and why you should read it!

It’s really hard to express to you in this blog just how exciting and on point this book is.  It makes you think, it makes you plan, it makes you dream and when you are done it makes you feel accomplished and less stressed.  Though this book is designed with women in mind, I was able to take all the information it contained and help apply that to my fiance’s business.  That just goes to show you the versatility of the book as well.   It is without hesitation that we at Sideline Sisters recommend this book.  Happy reading!

p.s. We receive NO kickbacks for referrals of this book. If that ever changes and we have affiliate links, we’ll make it very clear that is the case. 🙂

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