June 22, 2016


We are constantly updating and adding FREE tools to help you run your business and your life! We hope you find them helpful. If you have ideas for organizational tools you’d like to see, or if you’d like to discuss customization options (for a small fee), please contact us at sidelinesisters@outlook.com.

To Do Lists: By request, we have created a few useful (and attractive!) to-do list printables–four different versions, just pick the one that works best for you! This is a perfect place to do a brain dump–get it all out on paper, prioritize, and tackle your tasks!

Click to download: To Do Lists



Dream Big! We’ve found over the years that we perform much better after creating a written set of goals. Use this weekly sheet to record goals, action items, and gratitude.

Click to download: Weekly Goal Sheet



Mo Biz Plan Img

What’s your Plan? 

Here is a fantastic printable we used to plot out everyone we need to reach for booking/hosting, business prospects, event invitations, and more! We recommend filling it out the beginning of each month, and update it as you go. Plan your work, and work your plan!

Click to download: Monthly Business Plan

Open Date Card ImgOpen Dates: Keep track of all of your open date slots in this handy Open Date Card. Simply fill out the “Open Date” column, and slip it into your day planner. It’s a quick, at-a-glance tool when booking appointments.

Click to download: Open Date Card

Pres Tracker ImgPresentation Problems? No more! There can be quite a few steps to holding an effective and successful presentation. Use this free printable to track your progress from the day you book to the day you finish following up on product orders.

           Click to download: Monthly Presentation Tracker

mileage-tracker-imgZoom Zoom Zoom Did you know your travel mileage can be used as a tax deduction? Keep track of your where/what/when on our simple to use Mileage Tracker.

           Click to download: Mileage Tracker

Who Do You Know? Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an old pro, you’ll need to keep track of all of the people in your pipeline. Check out our Contract Tracker to keep tabs on prospects, clients, teammates and more!

           Click to download: Contact Tracker

Write Offs Galore!  We all know that one of the benefits of running a small business are the potential tax write offs. Make sure you keep track of all of your monthly expenditures with our sleek looking and easy-to-use Expense Tracker.

           Click to download: Expense Tracker



These printables are for private use only. Please visit our Terms + Conditions page for complete details.

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