June 22, 2016


We are constantly updating and adding FREE tools to help you run your business and your life! We hope you find them helpful. If you have ideas for organizational tools you’d like to see, or if you’d like to discuss customization options (for a small fee), please contact us at sidelinesisters@outlook.com.


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Goal Chart

Use this Goal Chart in any way you see fit–track financial goals/rewards, or any other kind of reward you want to give yourself. I am personally *so* excited to use it to track our family’s vacation plans for the year–camping trips, visits to my family, to the Oregon coast & Seattle, even a concert or two. Fill it out & post it on your wall, so you can have daily inspiration to reaching your dreams!




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30 Day Self Care Challenge

Welcome to our 30 Day Self Care Challenge! We felt inspired to help you balance your “to-do” list with your “to-be” list. The idea is to gather a friend or two and play this like Bingo. Be the first to get 5 in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win — maybe place a little wager between friends for a cup of coffee or something else that motivates you!




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30 Day Early Riser Challenge 

We all want to wake up early, be productive and have an amazing day. But when that alarm clock goes off, we hit it once (or three times), roll over and dread getting up. This challenge is designed for those who need a little help working towards that early rise time.




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Family Activities

Regardless of season, if you have kids, the question ultimately comes up, “what should we do today?” It can be a struggle not knowing what to do with the family during these times. Whether you have a home with kids age 3 or 30, here are 25 activities you can do with your family (or even by yourself 😉 – can you say “self care”!?)




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Daily Routine

Here’s the Daily Routine printable! Print it out & use it how you like. Remember, the idea is that if you’re facing challenges in organization or distraction or really need to create any new habit, you need to PLAN it into your day or it’ll never happen! So use this as a creative, graphic way to express what your IDEAL DAY looks like!




To Do Lists: By request, we have created a few useful (and attractive!) to-do list printables–four different versions, just pick the one that works best for you! This is a perfect place to do a brain dump–get it all out on paper, prioritize, and tackle your tasks!



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