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Give Freely – Give Often – Give Joyously

Abundance flows to those who have a grateful and giving heart!  Have you ever noticed that?  When you freely give to someone, whether it is your time, money or items, you are often rewarded with abundance in your own life.  This is also known as the Law of Abundance.  If you can…think back to a time when you felt you were kind of stuck in the rigmarole of life or work, when maybe things didn’t seem to be going the way you wanted them to go.  Now think about that same situation and fast forward a little bit to when it did start going the way you wanted it.  Was there some action that triggered it?  Maybe there was a time in your business when your sales were not increasing as quickly as they should have been even though you were putting in the work, so you decided to take a step back and do a little training or team building activity for your team to get everyone refocused.  Maybe you GAVE a few hours of your time to teach, inspire and fuel your team.  Did you notice a difference after this action?  Did you see a spike in sales?  Did you see some form of abundance come into your own life?

When you start looking at life through these goggles it makes it really fun.  You start trying to figure out where you can insert some giving and you have fun seeing that come back to you two fold.  Now don’t mistake this for being selfish and giving just so you can get something in return.  That is not what is being said at all and not encouraged.   Giving freely means that you give without expectation of a return gift.  By consistently, freely and abundantly giving to others around you, you actually create and operate on a higher wave length (energetically speaking).  When you operate at this higher level you act as a magnet and start to attract actions, items and people into your life that are also operating at that level.  It’s truly amazing!

You can also look at it in reverse.  If you tend to be hoarding of your time and a negative nelly you will attract similar people, actions and items into your life.  Do you really want to live that way?  I know I don’t.  So take some time to re-evaluate who you surround yourself with, what you surround yourself with and ask yourself if this is you operating on a high frequency with a giving and happy heart or if it is you operating on a low frequency and you need to change the way you think.

We encourage you to take some time and research the topics of the Law of Abundance and the Law of Attraction as well as look at our post from a few weeks ago that takes you through some easy ways to increase your giving.  We wish much joy and abundance to you and those around you!

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