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Today we’re talking about goal setting, a key element in succeeding in any endeavor, but definitely in your network marketing business. Perhaps you’re still pretty new at this gig; maybe you have been around, but are looking for a refresher and some new inspiration.  Regardless, you must be here because you really care about succeeding at something that’s important to you.

First of all—I’m not going to spend time today talking about why setting goals is important—you’re probably already fully aware of the reasons.  And the how to set goals will be for another post. Today, I have a tool I want you to look at, and to consider incorporating into your week. It’s over in our Freebies page; it’s called Weekly Goal Sheet.  Do you have it open? Ok, great, now we can proceed.

I absolutely love this document—it highlights our need for daily gratitude AND daily action as equally important parts of accomplishing goals. I complete the goal section every week on Sunday or Monday, and the gratitude section each evening, and I can’t tell you how much it helps my motivation and my momentum.

First you’ll see the gratitude section. Here’s why daily gratitude is so important. There can be negative things in life, whether it’s resentment, fear, or criticism; but none of it can get in the way of your life’s purpose when there is gratitude in your heart. Go ahead and try it—if you’ve recently had a bad day or are feeling unsure about something, think of something else you are really truly grateful for, really FEEL it wash over you.  You’ll notice the negativity simply dissipates. Think of gratitude as your magic potion every time you are having a rough moment. And then, on a daily basis, take stock of all the things you’re grateful for and make a note of them.  Now you’re in the perfect frame of mind to work on accomplishing greatness.

The second part of this document is created for successful goal achievement. We’ve supplied five goal lines; you can use as many or few as you think are necessary.  Below is an example of my typical week. I am sure to include both business and personal goals, because I am all about life balance. After I list out my five main areas of concentration, I list three specific tasks I can accomplish that week to move my goals forward.

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I’ve found that not only do I like having this visual reminder of my goals, but that when I refer back to it on a daily basis, it helps inform my choices and actions for the whole day. And it gives me a written record of all of the things I’ve accomplished, which is always a great cause for celebration!

I hope you’ll print this out and incorporate it into your habits as well. If you do, we’d love to hear back from you what you think! Either comment below or email us at sidelinesisters @ outlook.com.

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