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I’m noting a small irony in writing on the topic of Work-Life Balance today, because to be honest, I’ve been super out of balance for the last three weeks. In fact, this blog post is 3 days late (and counting).  You see, I’m a WAHM (work-at-home-mom), and my eldest just finished Kindergarten. This means that now instead of one little person at home distracting me, I have two—one of whom refuses to take an afternoon nap. There goes my ‘work time’! And now for three weeks, rather than putting in a solid 3-4 hours per day into Sideline Sisters, it’s been a lot closer to 3-4 hours per week. And of course, this isn’t sustainable.

There’s something about being your own boss that is really freeing—any of you who have been able to replace your “full-time income” with your network marketing business, or any of you who dream of that day—know what I’m talking about. No more alarm clocks, no more bosses, total freedom of time and task. But those same freedoms come with some hefty responsibilities to be our OWN alarm clock and boss. And if we don’t do this? Our business flounders.

Here I am heading into a full month of having both kids home with me, and I realize it’s time to buckle down—and do the opposite of what used to happen in my life. It’s time to make sure that I’m making time for my business, that I’m balancing my family obligations with my responsibilities to this company we are building (by “we” I refer to myself and my partner Stephanie). As such, I’m going to return to the basics.

Wikipedia defines Worklife balance as a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation).  There are dozens of ways to try to strike the work-life balance, but today I’m going to remind myself of my favorite tactic for achieving balance—time blocking.

If you feel like you’re also having a tough time prioritizing and balancing your life, I want you to do something. I’m going to do this along with you—grab a pen and piece of paper really quick. I want you to go over to this blog post (by the lovely Stephanie), and follow her steps.  All of it is valuable, but for my purposes I at least need to revisit Steps 1 and 2—and I recommend you do the same. I’m betting by tomorrow I’ll have renewed  senses of purpose and priorities, and won’t have to look down at my to-do list next week and panic that I’m overdue on an important project. *cough cough*

Once you’re done, would love to hear your results! Leave us a comment or hit us up at sidelinesisters@outlook.com!

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