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How often do you say to yourself, “Today is the day, this is it…I am going to get organized.”?  If you’re like most people you tell yourself this on a very regular basis.  But actually getting organized can be really intimidating and very overwhelming, and with so many areas in your life to organize it is not easy to know where to begin.  So we’ve come up with six steps to help you take that first step, then the next, and then the next to getting your life organized.  Take it for a spin…what have you got to lose?

Step 1: Brain Dump (total time = 15 minutes)
Are you ready?  Okay, here it goes.  For this step all you need is a blank piece of paper, your calendar or planner, your phone, a writing utensil and some quiet time (lock yourself in the bathroom if you need to).  You are going to set the timer on your phone for 15 minutes and your goal in these 15 minutes is to write down everything you have to do in the upcoming 30-45 days on this blank piece of paper.  This should include everything you do throughout the day, week and month.  Yes, everything.  From eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and working out to time you’re at your day job, errands, kids events and family time.  Don’t forget vacations, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.  Especially don’t forget personal time.  Okay, set your timer…ready…set…go!

Step 2: Update Your Calendar (total time = 25 minutes)
Great job!  Didn’t that feel like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders?  It might be one of our favorite things to do!  Now it’s time to update your calendar or planner and put everything you just brain dumped into it.  In order to be successful with this we need to break it down, so this step has multiple steps within it.  For this step you will need three different color highlighters, your phone, your planner and some quiet time.  If you don’t have a planner you like, or are looking for a new one, check out our Success System to see if it’s a fit for you.

Substep A: Choose which color highlighter you are going to designate for “must do” tasks, one for “need to do” tasks, and one for “want to do” tasks.  For example:

  • Must Do  – important/time not flexible (green): day job, family time, kids events, etc.
  • Need-to-Do – important/time is flexible (yellow): eat, personal time, sleep, work out, client calls
  • Want-to-Do – not necessary but would like to fit it in (pink): girls night out, camping, etc.

Now that you have your colors picked out you are going to set your timer for 5 minutes and during this 5 minutes your are going to highlight everything on your list with one of the three colors.  Okay, set your timer…ready…set…go!

Substep B: Now that everything is highlighted, let’s put it into your planner.  It’s best to utilize both your monthly and weekly planner pages at this stage.  You are going to set the time on your phone for 20 minutes and during these 20 minutes you will start by filling in all your must do activities.  Write these ones on your monthly calendar and then block out the time on your weekly calendar.  Once you have added in all your must do’s you will add in all of your need-to-do’s followed lastly by your want-to-do’s.

You may not write all your need and want to-do’s on your monthly calendar, but you definitely need to block these times out on your weekly calendars.  Once you have added everything to your calendar you can take it one step further if you would like and color code all your activities with highlighters or colored ink.  In the picture below I have coded all my income producing activities green, my family and personal activities as yellow, Sideline Sister activities as pink, chores as orange and so forth.








Do you see how this is starting to work?  This process is called time blocking.  You have just prioritized your life tasks and know where you have time to fit some more of the fun things in.  There are two key things you must do to make this part successful: 1) stick to your designated times, if you have made Thursday nights from 6-8 p.m. your time to call your clients, then go to your office and make those calls; 2) prioritize your personal time and make sure you get some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation; 3) repeat each month!

Step 3: Use Your To-Do List (total time = up to you)
There is no time limit for this task.  This should be a flowing and ongoing entity.  Now that you’ve come this far, the worst thing that could happen is that you have this extremely valuable time set aside, and you let it go to waste by not having a plan.  You need to tell your time what to do…otherwise you will get sucked into social media or checking your email, and your time will be gone before you know it.  Let’s say I have set aside two hours each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for my network marketing business.  I make a to-do list for each of those days.  Tuesdays I am making my calls, following up with clients and sending thank you cards.  Thursdays I am tracking my income and expenses, mileage and inventory and miscellaneous bookkeeping.  Saturday I am packaging samples, putting in orders and preparing my supplies for presentations.  When these blocked times roll around, I can bust out these tasks, and believe me…when you do the same you will feel so much more productive and happier.

Step 4: Check Back (total time = 2 minutes)
Here’s where you will either make it happen or not.  A lot of people will get to this step and stop, only few will keep going. I know you are one of the few!  You’ve done the work to get here, I know you have the drive to keep going.  It’s imperative that you check your calendar every single day!  Maybe even five times a day.  Checking your calendar reminds you of your priorities for that day, and helps you stay on schedule.  It reminds you that in one hour you have set aside 15 minutes to meditate, and if you miss those 15 minutes you have just sacrificed your health for laziness.  Cross off the tasks that you have completed…psst, some say this crossing off of tasks releases endorphins… and throw a little five second party in your head for yourself.

Step 5: Be Proactive (total time = 10 minutes – 2 hours)
This step will be entirely up to you.  Take a look at your upcoming week or month and see where you might be able to increase your efficiency.  For example, we make protein smoothies for breakfast every morning.  So, at the beginning of each month I spend 1 hour making smoothie bags.  I portion out frozen fruit and kale or spinach and put them in Ziplock baggies, enough for the whole month and put them in the freezer.  Each night before I go to bed I take a few minutes to measure out my dry ingredients, put them in a plastic container and set out my cup.  I’m ready for the morning!  Start by picking one or two repetitive tasks and see how you might be able to make them more efficient!

Step 6: Repeat
Keep the ball rolling!  You have done a great job and I know you have found some success in this.  Don’t forget to set an hour aside towards the end of each month for you to plan your next month by repeating the steps above.  Just keep going!  As you get more comfortable with the process it will speed up.  Have fun and feel free when you take all that has been in your mind and put it to paper in an organized and prioritized way!

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