March 1, 2018


We are so grateful when we hear the positive impact our workshops and Success System are having on people. Read on to hear a few stories…


“I’ve only been using my planner for about 6 weeks, and I absolutely LOVE it. It helps my productivity, condenses down the multiple things that I used to cart around in my purse for tracking business related information, and it helps keep me on track with my goals. I have some monster goals set for this year, and by utilizing this well thought out system, I truly believe I have the power to accomplish them. Super grateful that this was recommended to me, and I would recommend this for anyone that is trying to create traction in their busy life.”  -Christa S., Montana

“I purchased a planner from the Sideline Sisters at the beginning of the year. I love the thoughtfulness involved in this planner. Instead of a calendar of the things I need to do, this system helps me to organize my life, to set personal goals and to track my progress towards those goals.  I recently took a workshop with Stephanie and Heather and had the opportunity to discuss organizing other aspects of my life. Everything from spaces in my home, to finances, to making time to pursue a dream I’ve always had. Both of these women are passionate about helping people accomplish their dreams and giving back to their community. They’ve really inspired me to reevaluate my life and make certain it’s going in the direction I choose!  Thanks ladies for reminding me that I can determine my own life direction. And thanks for giving me such great tools to achieve my goals!”
-Sheila M., Montana

“The Sideline Sisters’ planner has been such a game-changer for me, and I haven’t even had the chance to dive into it completely yet. I love the assistance in goal setting. I love the setup of each month/week. And I especially love that I can keep track of my income, expenses and mileage, too. I know come the end of the year, my business will be more organized than ever before. I recommend this planner to anyone who runs a business of any sort! It’s such an amazing tool to have!”
Emily T., Nevada