July 7, 2017


Welcome to the Sideline Sisters’ series of workshops designed for small business owners, networkers, realtors, or anyone who runs their own business!  These classes will focus on the many areas that would benefit from getting and staying organized so that you can focus on the heart of your business, your clients.  Please direct any questions to sidelinesisters@outlook.com and feel free to suggest areas you may be struggling with.  We would be happy to see if we can touch on those for you in an upcoming workshop.  If you would like us to come and present to your group separately and more specifically, please contact us, we would love to be of service.

We hold pre-scheduled workshops each month. Scroll down to find the workshop registration links listed below each description. To be notified of upcoming events, please join our mailing list!

Goal Setting Intensive: Join us for an immersive goal setting session, helping you hone in on what you REALLY want out of life and business, and getting you on the road to success. Includes an awesome goal workbook to take home and help you keep your focus even after you’ve left the session.

Saturday, October 27  11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Vision Boards Can Change Your Life! Take some time to touch base with your vision for your life. The concept is simple–and has been around a long time–what we put down on paper and look at regularly often becomes reality! We’ll guide you through the process of designing and creating your own vision board, with lots of conversation, food for thought, and fun. We provide the supplies and treats, you provide your open mind and creativity.


Six Steps to Getting Your Life Organized
: How often do you say to yourself, “Today is the day, this is it…I am going to get organized.”?  If you’re like most people you tell yourself this on a very regular basis.  But actually getting organized can be really intimidating and very overwhelming, and with so many areas in your life to organize it is not easy to know where to begin.  We’ve come up with six steps to help you take that first step, then the next, and then the next to getting your life organized.  Take it for a spin…what have you got to lose?

Saturday, October 27  3-6 p.m.


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